lego legacy: heroes unboxed

C++ / C#

Asynchronous PVP system

Leaderboards integration and implementation

Guilds integration and implementation

Server verification of actions made by client

Fixed bugs across all systems

During my time on the LEGO team, I worked on several features and iterations of features over multiple prototypes. Ultimately I wanted to have more involvement in online and backend development to which I moved to work with the team developing our online feature set.

The asynchronous PvP system correctly rewards users once per day according to their rank at a time based on their local time zone. Additionally users can log in after any amount of time and, regardless of how many or few rank swaps they experienced, the rewards they receive will be exactly what they should have earned whether they logged in or not.

The guild integration included the creation, management and search functionality. Adding the ability to share heroes for their guildmates to access during various campaigns.

We own the features we develop but it is common to pick up bugs from any system and clear out the bug base. I was capable and willing to investigate any system as needed. Additionally taking over features when needed.