A brief history


I like: programming, video games, learning new technology, homebrew (mead, cider, etc), music (guitar & piano), and hockey​. See bottom of page for random goodies.

Programming Beginnings:

Prior to my studies at Humber College, I had never programmed before; not even "Hello World!" I was originally going to study Contemporary Music, but my love of video games convinced me to proceed down the completely unknown path of programming and I love myself for taking the leap.

A big inspiration to learn to program was the software RPG Maker XP (RMXP) which allowed anyone to make RPG games. The tool was great in the beginning and I had a lot of fun making little RPG games but not having full control over many gameplay mechanics was a drag. I looked at scripting but never got into it (Ruby), however one very talented user (alias Blizzard) wrote well structured scripts with comments that allowed me to modify some of the script values to better suit my needs. RPG Maker and other such engines really helped get me into the game development scene.​

During my time at Humber I tinkered with many languages including: C#, C++, Java, Objective-C, Python, XML, HTML, CSS and Flash. The languages of focus were C# and C++.

Gaming Beginnings:

As a kid I enjoyed playing the Classic NES with my brother and cousins, but we weren't really crazy about it. We mostly played on Saturday mornings, after the cartoon marathon ended, or rainy days when none of our friends were around to play street hockey (typical). Gaming grew on me over the years and was more than just a Saturday morning thing. The first game I ever bought for myself was Final Fantasy Legend 2 on the Gameboy. At the time it was quite difficult being the first RPG I ever played, although now I can say that it's not a terribly difficult game.

The first big RPG I played and beat was Final Fantasy 7, and that was setting the stage for the soon to be RPG fanatic I would become. RPGs have always been, and most likely will always be, my favourite genre.​

First game I invested serious time into? Diablo 2. I often wonder how many hours I spent grinding for loot. The excitement that I felt playing Diablo 2 was unprecedented. Comparing all RPGs I had played before it, and even newer ones, none never quite reached the same heights that Diablo 2 did.​

Thank You:

I'd like to thank you for taking time to visit my site and reading this hopefully enjoyable but long winded summary.





Oaked Cyser

Apple Cider, Honey, Medium Toast American Oak


Berry Pomegranate Melomel

Berry Pomegranate Juice, Honey, Chestnut Tannin


Joe's Ancient Orange Mead (JAOM)

Water, Honey, Orange, Cinnamon, Raisins, Clove



Water, Honey